New Yorkers discover how to stop smoking

Are you a smoker?
Have you tried to quit smoking and failed?
Few things are as challenging as quitting smoking. Smokers know they need to quit and most want to quit.
In fact, when asked, most smokers say they wish they had never smoked that first cigarette.
Nicotine is one of most addictive drugs known. It is believed that you can become addicted in as few as 3 cigarettes.
Because nicotine is so addictive finding an effective way to quit can be frustrating.

Smokers have many options when it comes to quitting smoking, unfortunately most have a low success rate and the prescription alternatives often come with horrible side effects.
There is hope for smokers who want to quit and it has no negative side effects.

Clinical research done by some of the top universities in the United States have demonstrated that hypnosis is the best and fastest way to quit smoking.
In studies done by Texas A&M and the University of Washington, the success rate topped 80%. A clinical study by the University of Iowa showed that hypnosis was 300% more effective than nicotine replacement therapies (like the patch or gum) and more than 200% more effective than prescription drugs.
Besides being incredibly successful, hypnosis has no negative side effects. It is quit and studies are showing that it has the longest lasting effect. In other words when people quit using hypnosis they stay quit longer than any other method.
With the success of hypnosis with smoking cessation, the real question is why more smokers don’t utilize hypnosis to quit smoking?
Do to how Hollywood portrays hypnosis many people have misconceptions about hypnosis.

One common misconception is that hypnosis is like a deep sleep. When the session is over you come out of a deep slumber with no memory of what happen. In reality hypnosis is more like sitting with your eyes closed feeling very relaxed.
When in hypnotic trance you are still aware of everything around you. You hear and remember everything that was said. It is just like listening to someone talk with your eyes closed feeling very relaxed.
Another misconception with hypnosis is that you lose control while in the session. The truth is that you are always in control. A hypnotist cannot make you do anything you don’t want to do. At any time you can open your eyes and end the session.
It is not fully understood my hypnosis is so dramatically more effective than other smoking cessations methods. One theory is that since communicates directly with the unconscious mind (the part of our brain that controls habits) it is able to reframe our perceptions and inner beliefs and effective stops the habit of smoking.
When considering a hypnotist you want to make sure they are certified. Though there are many certifying associations the National Guild of Hypnotist (NGH) is by far the largest and oldest establish certifying association.
If you are a smoker who is looking for the fastest, easiest way to quit smoking then you it would certainly be in your best interest to explore hypnosis.


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New Yorkers discover how to stop smoking

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New Yorkers watch real time hacking

33,000 websites are hacked every day norse-corp is a real time map of website hacking attempts. You can see a flurry of hacks coming from eastern europe and China.
People often ask me why would anyone want to hack their website. Well… are three main reasons they want to breach your security.
1. They want your website to send out spam.
2. They want data your website may contain such as mailing list details, credit card information, or user passwords
3. They want to install code that will download malicious software onto your website visitor’s machines
So… how do you avoid being hacked?
1. First of all use ridiculously secure password to your backend website. Store this password in a program such as LastPass so you never need to remember it.
2. Rotate your passwords every quarter
3. Don’t use the same password on other accounts. Remember if you use a program like LastPass you’ll never need to remember it, even while using your phone.
4. Never use admin as a username
5. If you use WordPress make sure your themes/plugins/and core software are up to date weekly
6. Also if you use WordPress install and configure security plugins like WordFence and BruteProtect
7. Finally, Host with a company that has ridged security protocols. That $3 a month hosting might not be your best option.

Now… how do you know when you website is down? Do you check it every 5 minutes? No. Let Pingdom do that for you. It’s easy to sign up for a free account that will monitor your website.
What do you do if your website goes down.
Contact your web host or web developer in charge of your website. You’ll need your host login to do this. From there open up a ticket saying your website is not loading and include a screenshot. Or if you really want some results give them a call just be prepared to wait in line.
Most importantly make sure your website is backed up. There is nothing sadder in my world than a ruined website that has no backup.
Thanks and stay safe out there


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Hacking revealed

WordPress Hacking


great results how to lose belly fat for women at home

Ok, so you want to lose weight quickly and effectively and you’ve come here because you’ve tried loads of different programs, diets, routines, supplements and you may be bordering on the conclusion that you CAN NEVER GET TO THE WEIGHT YOU WANT TO BE! …. but you can. Your body may seem uncontrollable in how much weight it decides to put on and how much it decides to lose but maybe the problem is that you’ve never tried to control it. Now most people will say that everyone’s metabolism is different and there’s nothing you can do to change how our body naturally breaks down our fat and if you have a bad metabolism, you are forced to be fat forever and you just have to accept it … but you don’t. You can lose weight quickly and effectively and keep it off if you can control the Leptin in your body.

So … What is Leptin?

To put it simply Leptin is a vital fat burning hormone in our body that has the ability to break down fat and help us lose weight. Fortunately, women have double the amount of Leptin as men. Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems women have when losing weight is the level of leptin in her system. How does that make sense? Well, the problem is that the female organism resists the fat burning effects Leptin can offer.

Now what do we usually do when our body is not burning as much fat? We don’t eat as much.

Which not only is upsetting because who doesn’t love to eat, but not eating as much will also mean our Leptin levels drop dramatically and we lose all the good fat burning properties that Leptin is supposed to give us.

Now i’m not saying you won’t have to exercise or you won’t have to change your diet because you will however, if we follow something health researcher John Barban likes to call a Metabolic Override Program then we can successfully boost our levels of Leptin and make the womanly figure we all crave for. To Find Out More Click On To The Video Below.


lose belly fat for women at home

team tools make saleforce better

Very easily integrate Box and Salesforce. Considering that not everyone in an organization has a Salesforce account, it’s really hard to accurately describe the history of a client or a sales process because the Salesforce platform keeps the data in their own eco-system. Therefore, your organization has to either keep buying more licenses for its employees at $125/month a pop, or your collaboration will become more limited. It’s a fact: there’s no “I” in team. Sales is one of those peculiar processes whereby a team collaboration often holds the key to closing the deal. Maybe it’s not that coffee is for closers, but rather, that team collaboration is for closers. A simple way to collaborate with your team, Salesforce users or not, is to sync your Salesforce to a more shareable platform like Box or Dropbox. When you sync your information to your cloud storage solution provider, you can share a specific account, Salesforce Files, or opportunities with other people who don’t have access to Salesforce.

Box Salesforce

Fasilitas pemakaman gratis

Lestari Memorial Park adalah anak Perusahaan NV Multi Corp (perusahaan pemakaman No. 1 di Asia)

Satu-satunya Pemakaman Internasional

Lestari Memorial Park menerapkan manajemen pemakaman dengan standard nternasional ISO 9001-2008

Berdiri pada tahun 2003. Lestari Memorial Park berpengalaman lebih dari 10 tahun. Lestari dapat ditempuh dari Jakarta 45 menit dan hanya 5 menit dari pintu tol Karawang Barat 2.

Info lengkap, hubungi kantor pusat di Jakarta

SMS 082163332227

21 Alasan Memilih Lestari
1. Satu-satunya pemakaman internasional
2. ISO 9001:2008
3. Fasilitas pemakaman terlengkap
4. Feng Shui
5. Bebas biaya pemeliharaan
6. 45 menit dari Jakarta
7. Fasilitas Ibadah Gratis
8. Fasilitas Pemakaman Gratis
9. Fasilitas Ziarah Gratis
10. Keamanan 7×24 jam
11. Akses masuk nyaman
12. Parkir luas
13. Makam tidak terinjak
14. Tomb Inovatif
15. Service pemakaman terbaik
17. Sembahyang Chaodu dan Cheng Beng Bersama
18. Ibadah Natal dan Paskah

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Site Location Partnership Attracts New Jobs for Economic Development – Targets Food Product Manufacturers

for Expansion, Relocation and Job Creation at Pack Expo


Site Location Partnership (SLP), a Dallas-based

consulting firm specializing in corporate location strategy and economic development, announced that its efforts at Pack

Expo were successful in promoting its site selection

advisory services and identifying manufacturers seeking sites for new facilities. SLP was joined at the trade

show by clients from Arizona, Georgia, Missouri, Ohio and Washington.

Pack Expo, organized by the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI), brought together over 27,000

industry professionals from around the globe and 1,700 leading suppliers showcasing state-of-the-art

materials, machinery and methods for packaging and processing in every market. More than 2,000 international

visitors and 28 international buyer delegations were in attendance.

“As a result of our participation in events such as Pack Expo, we have become much more recognized within the

food processing and packaging industry,” stated Mark Darce, senior vice president of development at Site

Location Partnership. “The huge turnout at this exhibition is a testimony to the ongoing vitality and

sustainability of the industry. Pack Expo exceeded our expectations and we look forward to participating in

next year’s show.”

For more information on Site Location Partnership, visit

For more information on PMMI, visit

About Site Location Partnership
Site Location Partnership (SLP) is a multi-disciplined advisory firm that enables the growth of businesses,

communities and economies through its two primary consulting areas – corporate site selection and economic development. SLP’s Corporate Location Practice

helps companies from industrial and commercial sectors select the optimal location for expansion, relocation

or consolidation of business facilities. SLP’s Economic

DevelopmentPractice assists various organizations in implementing business attraction strategies for new

corporate investment, job creation and economic growth.

About The Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute
The Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI) is a trade association with more than 500 member

companies that manufacture packaging and packaging-related converting machinery, packaging machinery

components, containers and materials in the United States and Canada. PMMI’s vision is to be the leading

global resource for packaging, and its mission is to improve and promote members’ abilities to succeed in a

global marketplace.

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MacX iPhone DVD Ripper is an innovative Mac DVD to iPhone ripping software to rip DVDs to iPhone 4S/ iPhone4/ iPhone 3GS/ iPhone 3G, rip DVD to iPad and convert DVD to iPod on Mac effortlessly You can also convert DVD to MP4, H.264, MOV or even music with up to 8x the real time. This Mac iPhone ripper allows you to easily convert both homemade and protected DVD without quality loss

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New Yorkers study grandoption

New Yorker’s study  GrandOption  – Binary Options Trading Broker

What is GrandOption?
GrandOption is one of the best new brokers for binary options trading. It is operated by a reputable and experienced broker that leads the market for the past four years – the same that also runs and operates the award winning 24option trading platform. The only difference betwen GrandOption and 24option is that on the GrandOption platform you can start trading with the minimum deposit of only $100 while on the 24option the minimum deposit is $250.

Binary Trading Education
GrandOption offers excellent support for beginners. You can join their education center completely for free and you will be able to learn everything you need to know about hoe to become a successful binary options trader. They will provide you with lots of material in form of videos, e-books, free webinars and personal support.

GrandOption Deposit
Minimum deposit to start trading is only 100 USD and you can enjoy all the professional trading features and high payouts that this broker offers to all their traders. If you decide to deposit a bit more, you can go for a premium package where you can get better return rates and bonus deals.

GrandOption Bonus
The broker offers attractive bonuses on your deposits and you can even get a ‘risk free trade’. This means that you can make a trade and if it is a successful one you keep the profits and if you loose, the broker will cover your loss.

GrandOption Regulation
GrandOption is a fully regulated EU broker. Its operation and services are monitored by the main regulatory body (CySec) that covers the regulation of CFD, forex and binary options trading platforms. Your trading and your money is safe and secure if you decide to trade with this broker.

GrandOptions Scam
Many people are worried about scam brokers and just to state this clearly – GrandOption is definetly not a scam broker, they are fully regulated and tun by one of the most reputable online brokers for binary options trading.

How to trade binary options?
There are many possibilities and strategies for binary options trading and if you are a beginner you should really go step by step and learn the basics first. The easiest way to start is in fact to join one of the free education centers offered by some of the regulated and safe brokers – for example GrandOption. You can take it from there and if you decide you want to trade you can later fund your account and trade for real.

Where to get more information?
If you are looking for a good binary options trading information you can get some of the real reviews of the other recomended brokers and beginners trading systems on the Real Binary Options Reviews

New Yorker’s study  GrandOption